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CN 22-1108/R
Volume 39 Issue 1
Jan.  2023
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Research advances in the reversal of liver fibrosis

DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1001-5256.2023.01.030
Research funding:

Social Development Project of Shanxi Key Research and Development Plan (201903D321188);

Department of Science and Technology of Shanxi Province, General Project (20210302123258)

More Information
  • Corresponding author: FENG Duiping, fengdp@sxmu.edu.cn (ORCID: 0000-0003-4516-3797)
  • Received Date: 2022-05-15
  • Accepted Date: 2022-07-14
  • Published Date: 2023-01-20
  • Chronic liver injury caused by any etiology will lead to liver fibrosis, and it was believed in the past that liver fibrosis is a static and irreversible pathophysiological process. In recent years, with the rapid development of molecular biology and the in-depth research on the microscopic aspect of the liver, more and more evidence has shown that liver fibrosis is a dynamic and reversible process. This article reviews the reports of different methods for evaluating the reversal of liver fibrosis caused by various etiologies, summarizes the pathogenesis and reversal mechanism of liver fibrosis, reviews the therapeutic drugs for reversal, and summarizes the current evaluation methods for liver fibrosis, and finally, it is believed that timely clearance or control of potential etiology may help to achieve the reversal of liver fibrosis to a certain degree.


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